17 Aug 2018

Wisdom Teeth: Discover What You Need to Know about Them

x-ray result showing wisdom teeth, highlighted in red

Maybe you or someone you know just had wisdom teeth recently, and you’re wondering what they are and why you have them.  It is definitely important to know what wisdom teeth are and all other facts you have to learn about them. Read on to discover these facts and the answers to your questions.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars found at the back of the mouth. These teeth can be valuable when they are healthy and properly aligned. Otherwise, they would require removal.

Why do we have them?

Most people get their wisdom teeth in their late teens or early twenties. It is believed that historically, our ancestors would need a third set of molars since they chewed food that was raw and hard to tear. People seemed to have grown wisdom teeth since these can help us chew easier and can even fill the space of a missing molar, if they are correctly aligned.

How are they removed?

Poor alignment of the wisdom tooth or an impacted one must be removed. Your dentist or oral surgeon can extract your wisdom tooth, depending on its position and stage of development. If you assess yourself showing signs of having misaligned and impacted wisdom tooth, you can have a dental procedure to have it extracted. These services are readily available at Salt Lake City.

What is the process of recovery after extraction?

After the extraction of the wisdom teeth, there will be bleeding and facial swelling. You have to take pain medications and antibiotics, and you will be restricted to a liquid diet. Make sure you continue brushing your teeth but avoid the part where there has been an extraction. After the first week or two, healing may take place, enough for your mouth to be comfortable in the extraction area.

From knowing what wisdom teeth are, why you have them, how you can have them removed, and what the healing process is, you now have excellent background knowledge of these teeth.

Make sure that you remember these for such information would be very beneficial to your own experience of having wisdom teeth.

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