Why You Need a Public Adjuster

a public insurance adjuster agent shakes hand with a couple after a successful insurance claim

Public insurance adjusters assess the loss of property for the policyholder and assist them in filing insurance claims in return for a fee. These licensed experts work for businesses and individuals, not for insurance companies. National public adjusters can increase value by acquiring the most out of the coverage of an insurance policy.

What are public insurance adjusters?

Public insurance adjusters are the sole property loss experts who assist policyholders. Businesses and individuals get their assistance whenever they need to file a claim or if they think that a claimed amount is incorrect.

These experts can negotiate claims for hurricane, wind, flood, smoke and fire damage and other perils. They can also assess property losses that could lead to other kinds of losses, including business revenue.

What could they do for you?

Public insurance adjusters are skilled in the language and particulars of insurance policies, along with amending and filing claims. They usually have previous experience in construction and use advanced software to go through an independent assessment of a property loss of a client. They are more capable of calculating fees incurred from property loss compared to the average policyholder. They will know how to submit and record primary and additional claims for a policyholder.

Moreover, they will discuss with contractors how to get better settlements with their insurer. With an adjuster on their side during the process, policyholders will be protected from any damage caused by their inexperience with the situation.

For policyholders, filing an insurance claim after experiencing a disaster can be stressful and overwhelming. To avoid dealing with the hassle, most homeowners get the services of a public insurance adjuster. Besides, they also hope that this experienced professional will be able to help them get more money from their insurance company.