16 Oct 2018

Why Adding a Bath Oil to Your Skin Care Regimen is a Delicious Necessity

woman getting skin care treatment

This notice should come just in time for the luxury bath you have scheduled this weekend. It would not be complete without a special bath body oil. If this item is not on your list, allow us to convince you why you need it badly.

For maximum hydration and protection

Oiling yourself is an excellent alternative to using lotion to hydrate and moisturize. As winter is coming, you have to consider how reptilian your skin can get without the right product. Chapped skin is not only unseemly, but the lack of flexibility and suppleness increases the chances of cuts and scrapes, which could worsen with infection. Protecting your skin is imminent in the cold months as it dehydrates faster in cool hair and poor humidity.

Oiling tips

Applying oil before toweling after a shower is a practice people do to moisturize their skin. Do not fret about the addition to your daily regimen. It takes 10 minutes at the most to apply oil to the entire body. You can still use body butter or your favorite body lotion afterward. This step seals in oils, but you must choose the right bath oil for maximum benefits.

What sets a great product apart?

You may already be convinced that adding oiling to your post-shower or post-bath routine is a good skin care practice. The question we must answer next is what kind of oil is best for the purpose. While there is a difference in opinion, we always recommend a product that absorbs into the skin readily. High-quality products promise wonderful scents and natural ingredients. However, the best oils are those that soak in quickly. If your skin does not absorb the oil, then the benefits will not be realized. Moreover, who has the time to sit for minutes and wait for the oil to become absorbed?

Available products typically use a concoction of mixed oils with aromatic and hydrating properties. Look for a product using natural ingredients, quick absorbability, and fortified with Vitamin E. You cannot go wrong with a high-quality product with all these qualities.

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