06 Aug 2018

Which City Has the Most Number of Construction Cranes in 2018?

Aerial view of a construction site

Seattle ranked as the busiest city in the country for construction projects based on the number of cranes as of June, according to a survey.

In terms of building starts, New York City had the biggest value of projects with $15 billion between January and May. The Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas ranked next with nearly $8.8 billion in construction starts. The services of a crawler crane company in Houston will also be more necessary since it landed among the top 15 building markets for this year.

Construction Cranes

Rider Levett Bucknall’s survey showed that people in Seattle are likely to see more cranes along the skyline than any other city with 65 cranes. This is equivalent to one crane per 60,000 people in the greater metro area.

In New York, there are only 20 active cranes in the city. However, the Dodge Data & Analytics’ report noted that it had more than $8.4 billion of residential and $6.6 billion of commercial projects in the first five months of 2018. Since cranes serve as an indicator for a city’s construction activity, builders can determine the demand for projects based partly on this heavy-lifting equipment.

Higher Costs

Aside from gauging activity, fewer cranes also mean that some builders have chosen to defer projects due to the higher costs. This is particularly true in Los Angeles, where costs have risen by more than 5%. Builders in the city are also struggling to procure construction loans.

Despite the higher costs and more difficult lending process, the number of active cranes in the city has stayed the same at 36 as of June compared to July 2017.

If you’re looking for an equipment or service provider for cranes in your area, choose a supplier who has extensive experience in the industry preferably for more than 50 years.

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