12 Apr 2018

Where and How Best to Use Video Marketing

Woman editing a video

By now, you may already know how important and impactful video marketing is for companies. You may want to do video marketing in your own corporation, and you may be eager to work with a video editing business in Denver. Before you create videos, however, you should first learn where and how to use video marketing material.

Beyond What You Likely Know

Now, you may think that the answer to “where” to use the video is your company website. You may also think that the answer to “how” lies in great storytelling. The more you learn about video, however, the more you will understand that video marketing goes beyond both assumptions.

Where Best to Use Video: Social Media

For you to maximize the impact and exposure of your video material, you must look beyond the digital confines of your website and turn to social media. On social media platforms, you can generate as much as 1200 percent more shares of video format compared to text and image articles. For instance, when you live stream videos of your events, 82 percent will prefer your live videos over simple posts about the events.

How to Best Use Video: Good Thumbnails

Now that you have the answer to “where” you can learn about the “how.” Great storytelling definitely counts as an integral component to video marketing, but to encourage people to watch your videos, you need good thumbnails. A good thumbnail may include an unusual picture, a question, or an emoji.

How to Best Use Video: Calls to Action

In the same vein of good thumbnails, you also need enticing calls to action at the end of your videos. When you have a great story or concept in your video, your audience will respond, but they can only respond in the way you want them to if you give them instructions. Tell them to click the “Contact Us” button, for example, or tell them to follow you on social media.

With this, you and your company can now work with industry pros to create the right videos for your unique business needs. Using social media, thumbnails, and calls to action, you can then easily use video to boost your marketing reach and increase your chances of succeeding in your business endeavor.