25 Jun 2015

When Maintenance Meets the World’s Innovative Air Conditioning Systems

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Commercial and public establishments schedule air conditioner maintenance services to ensure comfort among customers. Regardless of what type of unit they have, maintenance is crucial to prevent problems.

Commercial air conditioner maintenance is not limited to typical business settings, though. Apex Airconditioning explains that even companies with unique cooling units require regular upkeep:

Air Conditioner in a Hovercraft

A griffon hovercraft received special custom air conditioner installation from a company. As most people believe, the overall design of a hovercraft makes air conditioning unnecessary and impractical. Nonetheless, a company proved that installation is possible even for a 30-metre hovercraft.

The air conditioner is a part of a comprehensive HVAC system that can withstand extreme outdoor temperature. It comes with an air-cooled condenser for marine units, ensuring durability when used.

Outdoor Air Conditioning System in Medina

Medina has been the centre of pilgrimage for Muslims, making it too crowded during pilgrimage season. As its location is generally hot and dry all year, experts came up with a special outdoor cooling system for pilgrims.

The outdoor air conditioner is installed at a 15-hectare space, with umbrellas that provide shade. This special air cooling system works like a mister—it vaporises water and provides cooling for thousands of pilgrims. The King of Saudi Arabia had this installed after finding inspiration from the outdoor cooling systems that he saw during his visit to the United States.

Sustainable Air Conditioning Unit in Dubai

The Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates announced the vision of developing a temperature-controlled city, providing thousands of establishments with cool comfort all year round. Reports claimed there are plans of developing a giant air conditioner for the entire city.

What makes this system different is its eco-friendly features, ensuring the unit will not leave excessive carbon footprint and require large energy consumption. The Prime Minister envisions this air conditioner to be a sustainable cooling solution worldwide.

Commercial air conditioner maintenance guarantees that cooling units will operate smoothly. Experts conducting maintenance can handle massive air conditioning units properly to ensure they will remain in good condition.

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