26 Sep 2018

When Is It Necessary to Install a New Roof?

Man working on tiling of roof

The right time to replace a roof often becomes a cause of confusion for many Kiwi home owners, but knowing the time you installed it should serve as a clue.

Some companies provide installation services in different places across the country, so consider these service providers when choosing the right contractor. It is likewise a plus if they know the suitable type of tile for your roof.

Right Timing

Some experts said that roofs built during the early 1970s should already be removed, and those installed before that period should no longer be in place. Kiwispout.co.nz explains that older houses might require new roofs, but persistent problems with a newer roof could be a sign that it needs replacement.

You might spend around $20,000 for installing a 150-square-metre roof. The actual cost will depend on the size and structure of your house. Ask yourself if you’re willing to spend less yet more often on simple repairs, which could be an alternative for people who cannot afford a replacement right away.

Choosing Tiles

Once you decide that a replacement is better, choosing the right tiles becomes the next confusing part. Concrete, clay, imitation slate, and slate tiles are some of the most common options in New Zealand.

Slate tiles last longer but they cost more, whilst imitation tiles are the opposite. A traditional choice would be concrete, particularly for old State homes, but these require additional framing due to their weight. Those who want a sustainable option should choose clay tiles, which improve energy efficiency around the house.

It is safe to say that you should replace your roof with a new one if it has been used for around 50 years. How much are you willing to spend on a new roof installation? Discuss your requirements and budget with a reputable roofing contractor.

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