25 Jan 2017

What’s in Store for Online Students in 2017?

The number of students opting to learn through digital tools has steadily increased in recent years, paving the way for new trends as we go into 2017.

The American Academy and other experts believe that these trends may help students become more engaged with participating in cyber learning, like enrolling in online high school and college classes. As the rate of online enrollment in the U.S. has started to become more widespread, employers are taking notice by accepting candidates with online degrees.

That’s good news for those that don’t have enough time to spend on traditional classroom settings for various reasons, including financial resources.

Learning Incentives

Some of the new trends for online classes this year include a bigger focus on unconventional certificates. These may include digital badges or other credentials that will highlight a student’s skill set.

The measurement of good performance has become more complex when dealing with online students, that’s why learning institutions will be more vigilant in monitoring how a student performs in class to ensure they’re on track with the curriculum.

And because it’s a new year ahead, resolutions on study habits are bound to be a subject once again.

Old Habits Die Hard

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing online students involves discipline in sticking to a schedule. The concept of studying while laying on a couch is a great benefit for many, yet it can be detrimental to students when they abuse the advantages of online classes.

To avoid this, set up a small corner in your room or house dedicated to your online sessions. Wear clothes as if you’re actually going to a traditional class with other people. This will help in motivating you to pay attention to your computer.

If that’s still hard, you can simply go to a nearby library or a friend’s house who also attends online classes, which can be fun after all if you’re learning together with someone.

What’s in store for online students this 2017? Well, a lot. If you want to be part of them, it’s not too late.

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