17 Aug 2017

What You Need to Know About Cancer Claims For Nuclear Workers

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Compensation is provided to individuals who developed cancer because of radiation exposure in uranium mines or nuclear weapons testing sites. Read on to find out if you qualify for the benefit based on the Radiation Exposure Act.

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What is the Radiation Exposure Act?

Also known as RECA, the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act offers financial assistance to people who acquired cancer and other diseases due to their direct exposure to nuclear elements during the Cold War or while conducting uranium mining.

Department of Energy employees who worked under contractors and subcontractors will similarly receive payment of their medical expenses if they have illnesses caused by being exposed to toxic substances, such as radioactive materials, chemicals, metals, acids, and solvents.

Those who previously worked for the Department of Energy, as well as uranium workers, can receive up to $250,000.

How is compensation determined?

Cancer claims for nuclear workers are determined by three critical factors: loss of wage, impairment, and survivorship. Wage loss is determined by the number of years an employee was not able to work or has experienced reduced earnings due to work-related illness. Impairment is determined by a decrease in a body part’s or organ’s function that eventually affects the person’s whole body. Compensation is received by surviving family members if an employee’s death is due to an illness acquired at work.

Survivors who are eligible to receive compensation include a spouse married for at least a year prior to the death of a previous Department of Energy worker. If a worker has no surviving spouse, a child is eligible to receive the compensation as long as the child’s age is either below 18 or 23, is not capable of self-support, and is enrolled in an educational institution.

If you or your loved ones are qualified for cancer claims for nuclear workers, it is best to gain the appropriate knowledge you need in order to receive the benefits you deserve.

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