03 Sep 2018

Tips To Help You Avoid Costly Winter Plumbing Problems

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If you do not prepare your home for winter, your plumbing system might pay the price. Cold weather puts stress on the piping system, causing some problems. Experts from Alfa Plumbing Services shares that homeowners can save hundreds in repair costs by learning how to prevent winter plumbing problems.

1. Inspect your water heater.

Water heaters have a long life expectancy, but when it leaks or breaks down, you will not have it for long. That is why you should inspect your water heater during the cold months. Look out for signs of rust, damage, and aging. If you notice anything unusual, contact plumbing companies in Houston. If you use hard water, remember that sediment might build up inside the water system. The deposits can result in rust formation inside the system, which could eventually find its way into your bathing and drinking water.

2. Disconnect your outdoor hose.

You are not likely to require the outside hose between December and March. Therefore, you ought to disconnect it during the winter season. If you leave the tube outside, the water inside it might freeze and expand. The uneven expansion might cause your faucets and plumbing pipes to freeze.

3. Check what you pour down the drain.

You need to be watchful of the things you pour in your sink. For instance, cooking grease can be disastrous when it gets in contact with your piping. Although it might not seem very problematic, it can severely clog the drain. Instead of pouring the grease in your sink, put it in an empty container and throw it in the garbage bin.

There you go; you have three simple steps to avoid winter plumbing issues. Remember that some of the plumbing issues you encounter are not preventable. Never shy away from hiring a licensed plumber to maintain, inspect, and repair your plumbing system.

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