01 Aug 2017

Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Dress Fitting

artist assisting the bride on make-up and gown fitting

Looking for the perfect frock has brought many future brides to tears. For some, finding the one seems futile. For others, the planning and logistics of it all prove to be overwhelming. You can survive through this trying time, however, (and you might even enjoy it) by doing the following tips.

Research Great Boutiques and Book in Advance

Finding great boutiques is not just about looking for the ones that carry the most famous designers. Search for shops that have a talented in-house seamstress and professional sales consultants like the Kent wedding dress shop Hitched Bridal.

Try to book as early as possible to give you time to try on more dresses and allow your chosen designer more time to make your dress. A pro tip though: when you book an appointment, ask about charges for dress fittings so that you can come prepared.

Set a Budget and Do Not Fit Dresses That Go Over It

Do not go dress shopping without setting your budget first. Make sure that you set an amount you are comfortable spending. Be clear about your price range when talking to the sales assistant and do not try on dresses that go beyond the range. Too often, brides try on really expensive clothes for fun (which they’d eventually get attached to) and end up with a hefty credit or a heavy heart.

Be Open to Different Styles (and to Surprises)

Sometimes the cuts or style that brides-to-be never considered turn out to suit their body type the most. Allow your sales consultant to suggest different styles for you. She/he is an expert with body types and dress styles and might just be able to find you the perfect dress.

Be open to any surprises as well and set your mind to enjoying your friends’ company. An open mind and a trusty group of gals can help you laugh off any incident.

So there you have it, just three little tips, but they can make your dress shopping experience so much easier.

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