21 Feb 2018

Three Creative Ways to Propose to Your Beloved

a guy proposing to a girl

Proposing is one of the most intimidating events even if you are quite certain that your beloved will agree. You would want your proposal to be memorable, perfect, and most importantly, unique. After you have worked the nerve to ask, perhaps consult your partner’s parents and closest friends, and purchased that fancy engagement ring in Utah at AAA Jewelers, it is finally time to pop the question.

Here are three unique ideas to consider before you propose.

1. Pop the Question with a One-of-a-Kind Ring

While diamonds have been the top choice for engagement ring stones, there is not a law that requires you to do so. Many couples go for diamonds because they think the expense shows how much they love their partner.

Keeping your partner’s taste and personality in mind when buying an engagement ring in Utah is the true sign you took great care in your choice and eventual purchase. The most important thing is that the ring is of quality.

2. Plan a Vacation Proposal

Over the course of your courtship, you have gone to places together and have developed favorites among them. Revisit the locations which have special meaning for both of you—whether these are date places or the spot where you had your first kiss. Going back to the places that are important to you as a couple is a great stage for you to ask your partner to settle down.

3. Say It With a Brew

There is probably not one person who does not like a breakfast in bed. Make your partner’s favorite breakfast—perhaps a tower of fluffy pancakes, thick cut bacon, and crispy hash browns. Bring your love his or her favorite brew, of course Using a special mug with the “Will You Marry Me?” sign at the bottom, make sure he or she finishes the drink up to the last drop.

Now you are sure to marry the love of your life, you should make it memorable. Consider these three unique proposal ideas and cherish the proposal memory for the rest of your life.

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