09 Oct 2015

The Ultimate Personality Test, Courtesy of Your Teeth


Believe it or not, the mouth reveals so much more than just the state of a person’s oral health; it is also a window to one’s identity. From the sharpness of the canine tooth to the shape of the lateral incisors, your teeth can tell a great deal about your gender, age, and even attitude and lifestyle. No wonder dental records are a crucial piece of information in police investigations.

Teeth That Speak

According to dental practitioners from Warrendale Dental Care, central incisors can tell a person’s age. Most young people tend to have front teeth that have rectangular shapes with rounded corners. They usually go from 10mm to 12mm in length. As people age, the front teeth become square and form squared corners. The incisors also shorten, often reducing to five mm in length.

The lateral incisors can also identify gender. Women usually have incisors that have a more rounded shape at the end; these are also slightly shorter than the front teeth. The lateral incisors in men, on the other hand, have a squarer shape and tend to be as long as their front teeth.

Canines may signify a person’s attitude. Most people who have dominant and authoritative personalities have sharper and more distinct canines. For passive people, teeth usually have rounded tips or they are flattened.

Aside from the person’s identity, teeth can also reveal lifestyle. Often, worn out teeth are a sign of bruxism, a symptom of stress. On the other hand, some people who have teeth stains tend to be smokers.

The Power of Teeth 

While teeth are like a window to a person’s personality, they also have the power to influence people’s perceptions about who you are. For instance, various studies found that straight teeth indicate a good personality.

People have a greater tendency to think highly of those with properly aligned pearly whites than those who have crooked teeth. There is also a general perception that people who have straight teeth are physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally healthy. Studies show that these people have better chances of landing jobs or scoring a romantic date.

Your teeth reveal a great deal about your identity and lifestyle. They can also affect others’ perception about you. So, the crucial question here is, what do your teeth say about you?

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