16 Sep 2015

The State of Utah’s Water: Is It Safe to Drink from the Tap?

Tap Water

Where there’s water, there is life. This is a fact tested and proven all over the world. Human beings need to drink water many times throughout the day.

According to Business Insider, while it’s possible to survive without food for up to three weeks, the maximum estimated number of days a human being can survive without water is around seven. In very hot places, the number of days you can survive without water is even shorter.

The Increasing Problem with Tap Water

In recent years, problems with the safety of drinking water has steadily escalated and spread throughout many parts of the world. While it’s possible to drink from the faucet a few decades ago, more and more states turn to water purification now.

There are hesitations when it comes to drinking water from the tap due to the number of articles online and in newspapers discussing the possible contamination. As Kinetico Utah says, even treated water can have bacteria, virus, and contaminants.

Is Water in Utah Safe?

Countless researches on Utah’s water have been conducted in the past years. The main reason for the contamination of tap water is because the water coming out of the faucets in America is usually recycled, which means it contains a variety of potentially harmful chemicals.

An article from Utah Stories mentions this is not enough cause for concern, however, as Utah is among the higher states. Its location gives it a higher quality of water. Still, the state has hard water, which means it may have pollutants unsafe for your health.

It’s better to be Safe than Sorry

While it’s safer to order purified drinking water, the only downside is that this can add to your daily expenses. However, expenses for soft water delivery still cost less than paying for hospital bills in case of sicknesses due to water contamination. Always remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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