26 Jun 2018

The Range of Accounting Services for Businesses Offered by CPA Firms

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Running a successful business requires management of a variety of financial issues. Your finances are, after all, the backbone of your operation.

Handling them efficiently is not as easy as hiring an in-house accountant or buying accounting software. There is much more to business accounting and any issues with this vital department can spell doom for your venture.

It is then prudent to leave your finances to a CPA firm in Salt Lake City with a good knowledge of the local economy and market. Here are the various services this expert firm can handle for your business.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Business taxes involve more than merely filling in federal corporate return forms and attaching invoices. A CPA firm will start by helping you identify the most favorable business entity for your taxes. The firm will also help you benefit from various deductions and perks to ensure your business makes the highest profits.

Operational Bookkeeping

Maintaining an accurate cash flow record is essential to avoid any loopholes through which your company might get fleeced. A CPA firm will maintain your cash flow records and generate profit and loss statements from them, which break down your revenue and cost streams.

From these statements, you can assess any areas that need additional funds and others in which you are overspending.

Business Valuation

When seeking loans and funding from private investors, a business valuation is required. The assessment takes into account your growth patterns and revenue streams to determine the reasonable value of your business.

Having a CPA firm on your payroll full time is cheaper than hiring it to perform the valuation.

It is impossible to handle all aspects of your business perfectly regardless of your prowess. Handling of the above tasks by a CPA firm leaves you with peace of mind that your accounting is seamless. It also gives you access to the best accountants at a lower cost than hiring them for an in-house accounting department.

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