25 Jul 2018

The Best Exercise and Sport for Heart Health

family swimming in a pool

Engaging in any type of exercise is good for your heart than doing nothing at all. Walking is considered the standard, as it’s easy, cheap, and almost anyone can do it. It also doesn’t require any type of special equipment and you can do it almost anywhere. It’s also good to know that this activity can reduce your risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, which are all risk factors for heart disease.

What’s with Walking as an Exercise?

Cardiology centers in Mt Pleasant mentioned that with all the benefits of walking, it’s easy to assume that it’s the best form of exercise for you. While there’s no denying of the health rewards of walking, it’s not necessarily the best exercise for your heart. It’s the best option for most people mainly because of its accessibility, simplicity, and the fact that everyone can do it.

What About Swimming?

Swimming is another popular option for promoting heart health, but it isn’t still the best. It’s ideal for the muscles, lungs, heart, and blood vessels, but it doesn’t do much for the bones. In most cases, swimmers or those who love this sport still to need to supplement their efforts with other forms of exercise like walking, strength-training, or dancing. Then again, it’s still good for your heart.

So What’s the Best?

Tennis (along with other racket sports) is the best exercise for heart health, as many experts agree. Studies suggest that those who played tennis had lower rates of heart disease. This sport can be played at varying levels and give your ticker a good workout. A study featured in the Sydney Morning Herald also noted that the risk of death among racket sports players from cardiovascular disease is 56% lower and 47% lower by any cause.

It’s important to note that almost any type of exercise that works best for you can benefit your heart and overall health. Whatever that helps you get moving, whether it’s swimming, walking, or tennis, is ideal than no exercise at all. You can further do your heart a favor by eating a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, and consulting your doctor for more heart-healthy tips.

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