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18 Oct 2018

How to Take Care of Your Child’s Teeth

Baby teeth have a particular purpose in the life of your kid: holding space for adult teeth. If you let cavities and other dental diseases infect your child, the adult teeth might be affected, too. Taking care of your child’s teeth involves several hygienic practices, including periodic visits to a pediatric dentist in Cottonwood Heights. […]

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20 Jun 2016

Am I too old to straighten my teeth?

Thanks, at least in part, to the unstoppable rise of celebrity culture, more and more UK adults are looking to cosmetic dentistry to improve the aesthetics of their smile. Men and women alike are looking at their idols and thinking “I want a smile like that.” This increase in demand, coupled with advances and techniques […]

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09 Oct 2015

The Ultimate Personality Test, Courtesy of Your Teeth

Believe it or not, the mouth reveals so much more than just the state of a person’s oral health; it is also a window to one’s identity. From the sharpness of the canine tooth to the shape of the lateral incisors, your teeth can tell a great deal about your gender, age, and even attitude […]

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29 Jul 2015

Is Invisalign an Ideal Orthodontic Treatment for Poor Bite and Crooked Teeth?

Malocclusion is one of the major dental problems in the UK. It can be a moderate or severe condition, in which the jaws do not meet properly and the teeth are out of alignment. Some people consider it a cosmetic issue, as they do not like the way their smile look. Apart from suffering from […]

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