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A burglar entering a house after breaking in

08 Jun 2017

Here’s How Your Home Can Become a Target of Burglars

New York has seen a considerable decrease in its crime rate in 2016. The government reported that burglary cases have gone down to a number three times lower than 15 years ago. This is something that residents can rejoice about. However, it shouldn’t make them lax about the security of their homes or businesses. In […]

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01 Sep 2016

3 Reasons Why One Should Wear Protective Vests In Rodeo Competitions

Since rodeos involve handling animals that have enough strength to maim or kill the contestants, it is advisable to wear protective gear during the competition. Among the different safety items that are available in the market, a rodeo protective vest is essential. Rodeo has and continues to evolve ever since it was introduced in US ranches in the 1700s. […]

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18 Sep 2015

Construction Safety: Don’t Let Your Workers Become Part of the Statistics

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, construction is considered one of the most dangerous industries, accounting for 16.5% of fatal injuries in 2010. While most of these injuries involved the operator, half of them also involved those who work on the ground, including co-workers, spotters, laborers, and unsuspecting passersby, among others. Ensure […]

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