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Mortgage Document

09 Aug 2018

Home Loan: 3 Easy Steps to Boost Chances of Qualifying For One

Mortgage lenders are in business; not just to make profits, but also to ensure you prosper and continue partnering with them in the future. However, the last thing they will do is risk their money to a customer who may not refund in time or default on repayments. This is why they will want to […]

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Piggy bank, paper house, and stacked coins

16 Apr 2018

The HARP Loan in a Nutshell

In March 2009, the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) was introduced. It targeted debtors with little to zero equity, promising a refinancing arrangement that could prove more affordable sans the need for acquiring added or new financial insurance. The harp loan program has seen several changes since its inception. For instance, lenders in 2011 removed […]

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A conceptual look at variable mortgage rates.

24 Jul 2017

Qualifying and Applying for a Reverse Mortgage Program

A reverse mortgage allows you to withdraw part of your home equity. It offers elderly Americans financial security in their retirement years. The proceeds can be used to meet emergency medical expenses, augment Social Security, and make home improvements, among others. Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. presents more information about the FHA’s reverse mortgage program to help […]

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21 Oct 2016

Mortgage: How It Benefits First Time Home Buyers

It’s anyone’s dream to own a house when they are financially stable. Buying your first house is a huge milestone and definitely a big investment. A lot of people opt to apply for a home mortgage instead of buying the house straight from their pockets. This is because home loans offer many long-term benefits. Mortgages […]

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15 Apr 2016

3 Minor Actions that are Actually Major Refinancing Blunders

It’s only natural for Utahns to refinance their mortgage these days — as a matter of fact, it’s the reasonable thing to do under the right circumstances. While not everyone is sold that rates of today are attractive enough to pursue a refi, it does makes sense to reset the clock and take an ARM […]

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