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10 Apr 2018

Benefiting from Marketing Automation

Small businesses often survive by having a limited number of employees operate different fields all at once. As noble as that may seem, it’s also a disaster waiting to happen. With everyone taking on more jobs than they can actually handle, a slip-up is bound to happen. Marketing is an integral part of any small […]

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18 Jul 2016

Practical Digital Marketing Strategies to Promote Small Businesses

Online marketing is one of the challenges small businesses face today. In the digital age, the tools are available to everyone, which poses the challenge of coming up with something no one has seen before. Potential customers have little tolerance for boring and stale campaigns. How then will your business stand out? What do you […]

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28 Jun 2016

Online Marketing: Allowing Businesses to Have a Global Reach

For many industries, the market has become even more competitive than before, especially now that a lot of consumers have become more educated and cautious when dealing with businesses. This does not mean that small to mid-size business owners no longer have the chance to make a name for themselves. With the right techniques, you […]

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29 Feb 2016

Traditional is NOT Dead: Marketing with Paper and Signs

Promotions are your business’ best bet when it comes to attracting more customers. To guarantee success, today’s marketers suggest you go digital: SEO, social media, and other forms of digital marketing. It’s either you go tech-savvy or not — and lose potential customers. But contrary to popular belief, traditional marketing is still a relevant and […]

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19 Feb 2016

SEO Your Content: Fundamental Checklist in 2016

Like most people, if you’re still using the same SEO strategies that you have for the past year or so, it’s only sensible to take the time to evaluate if they’re still valid. After all, a lot of things move fast in the digital world, and SEO ranking factors are no exception. Perth-based online marketing […]

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