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30 Jul 2016

The Government Got You Covered: Guarantees for FHA, VA, and RD Loans

All loans are naturally unsecured for a lot of reasons. For one, there’s little to no guarantee that there will be an available compromise when unexpected things happen. Despite your intent to fulfill your dues, lenders don’t have the ears for any reasoning, as everything is part of the business model. FrandsenBank.com suggests that if you’re […]

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30 May 2016

Banks Stop Loans for Foreigners

The window of opportunity to own a piece of Australia has just slammed shut – for foreigners. Well, that’s not true, foreigners can still buy properties in the country, it’s just much harder and more expensive. Westpac Banking, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the National Australia Bank, and the Australia & New Zealand Banking Group […]

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12 Apr 2016

Savings Repayment, Extra Payments, and More: Proven Ways to Reduce Personal Loan Costs

Loans are financial risks no matter how comfortable they may look like. Despite the fact that loan terms are now gradually becoming lighter and more flexible, debt is still a debt. If you’ve experienced going through the same financial crisis, you know that repayment isn’t as easy as it sounds. To give you a better […]

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28 Dec 2015

Things That Make Cash Loans Not a Bad Thing

When you need instant cash, a lot of things can come into your mind like selling your things or borrowing from a friend or family. Sometimes though, it is not worth it when you let your things go in exchange for small money. Or even when it is from a friend or a family that […]

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