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a woman with healthy food

27 Jun 2018

The Need for Social Media Presence for Gluten-Free Sources

It is easy to browse the internet for restaurant and food suggestions. However, it is seldom easy to find restaurants which serve gluten-free food. This is the reason that a gluten-free diet needs a blog, social media, and other online presence. Coeliac Disease Coeliac Disease is an autoimmune disorder where gluten intake can lead to […]

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31 Jan 2018

Brilliant Ideas for Protecting Seniors from Falls

Every year, thousands of people sustain substantial injuries from fall accidents. Falls are among the leading causes of injury and death, especially among senior citizens. There are numerous reasons older adults fall frequently, some of which include muscle weakness and slippery floors. Read on to find some invaluable preventive measures you can take to reduce […]

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a woman feeling back pain

26 Jan 2018

RA Management: Important Fast Facts About Rheumatoid Arthritis

Adults of any age can get a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) from a physician, although women are more prone to the illness than men are. Millions of people around the world are dealing with this autoimmune disease today, and most of them are between the ages of 40 and 50. If you have a […]

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Close up of an arthritis medical examination

25 Jan 2018

Two Types of Arthritis Even Young People Can Have

Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints. As you know, the structure of the human joints — specifically synovial joints — enable mobility. Bending your knee is possible thanks to cartilages attached to the bones and a fluid-filled capsule in between. Called the synovial fluid, this egg-white-like substance acts as a lubricant allowing the bones […]

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A behavioral therapy doctor

23 Jan 2018

Behavioral Health Disorders: Don’t Let It Define Who You Are

Behavioral health is the field of medicine that focuses on an individual’s emotions and behaviors that affect their overall mental well-being. It aims to help people suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, mood swings, ADHD and other behavioral health and psychological disorders that affect their ability to function in a normal capacity on their […]

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05 Dec 2017

When Snoring is Dangerous to Your Health

Snoring is immensely common, and studies show that 50% of Americans snore occasionally. It’s not something that you should be deeply concerned about, but could stress your relationships especially if you sleep with someone’s who’s a light sleeper. Snoring is a sign that air is not freely flowing and this could be triggered by many […]

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Woman experiencing dizziness

09 Oct 2017

Dizziness: When to Seek Medical Attention

Dizziness can mean a lot of things to different people (as well as situations). Feeling dizzy, for the most part, refers to the sense of feeling off-balance or lightheaded. You may, for instance, feel lightheaded when you skip a meal or feel a bit dizzy when you stand up too quickly. Not Much of a […]

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23 Jun 2017

Derma Fillers: What You Need to Know Before Signing Up

Consulting with a cosmetic dentistry professional could lead to topics of discussion you probably do not expect. These days, the practice has such a wide scope. It is difficult to keep track of all innovations and developments in the field. At some point, you may want to get dermal fillers to improve your appearance. Here are […]

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31 Jan 2017

Temporomandibular Joint Disease: Facts, Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

The temporomandibular joint disease (TMJ) affects the joint that acts like a sliding hinge, connecting the jaw to the skull. There are a lot of tendons, cartilage, and tissues surrounding this joint. There are many causes that could lead to TMJ. The temporomandibular joint plays an important role in the human body. It allows people […]

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02 Dec 2016

Teaching Fitness as a Profession: What You Need to Know

Fitness has become one of the things people want to achieve. This is because many people are becoming more involved in their health, especially when sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habits have been linked to various debilitating and life-threatening diseases. These diseases include diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and even metabolic syndrome. Thus, many people, especially those […]

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