28 Jul 2018

Struggling with Window Cleaning? Hire a Professional

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Are tasks like window and gutter cleaning difficult? If you are an older adult, have a disability, pregnant, or don’t like climbing ladders, why not hire a window cleaning company to do the job for you?

Not everyone finds physical tasks easy. If mobility is an issue and climbing ladders, lifting buckets of water and other physically strenuous activities are challenging, don’t be a hero. Call in a cleaner who has been trained.

Ladder Accidents Injure Thousands Annually

Every year, 500,000 people are injured by falling off a ladder. Ninety-seven percent of these accidents occur at home or in farmyards when the person attempts to clean or repair a building. Falls in non-occupational environments result in hospitalization rates that are double that caused by faulty or misused consumer products.

Sadly, around 400 people die annually from injuries sustained in ladder falls. Hiring a window washer in Prescott, Arizona, is the safer and easier option.

Window Cleaning Services

Professional window cleaners have safety equipment such as long-handled brushes (that reduce the need for ladders), and they receive training in the safest ways to carry out a cleaning job. The services they offer include:

  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning of roof gutters
  • Washing of awnings
  • Power washing
  • Cleaning of solar panels
  • Satellite dish removal

Whatever needs doing, if there’s a cleaning job that would be a struggle, don’t risk an accident. Call in the guys who know how and they can carry out all those tricky cleaning tasks while you put your feet up.

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