05 May 2016

Stay Safe Despite Global Warming

Global warming affects the whole world, but Australia is one of the most susceptible to it due to the continent’s coastal location and agricultural zone. Unlike a pipe leakage or a small fire caused by an unattended lamp, the effects of climate change can’t be fixed easily.

While you can’t stop the effects of the environment, you can contribute to saving it.

Outrunning the Water

If your house has water problems like leakage, it’s easy to turn to establishments like Waterproofing Direct for a solution. If it’s Mother Nature you’re dealing with, however, water is an unstoppable force. You may properly maintain your house, but a tropical cyclone can do unprecedented damage to it.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, you can expect severe storms, floods and higher sea levels in the foreseeable future. Such events affect jobs, water supplies, human lives and even the survival of species.

While they cannot be prevented, they may be lessened with precaution and alternative energy.

Beating the Heat

The Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, found out that 2015 was Australia’s fifth-warmest recorded year, with an annual national mean temperature 0.83 °C above average. The national rainfall slightly dropped 5% below the average, putting emphasis on the strong ongoing El Niño.

In terms of climate change, beating the heat isn’t just about cooling off on a regular summer day. Extreme heat and warm spells are dangerous to health and agriculture and may even lead to bushfires. Global warming is greatly affected by carbon emissions, so be inclined to products that use clean power.

The most telling sign of the environmental issue is the unpredictable weather which affects Australian lifestyle and economy. Australia has one of the largest emission rates in the world. With the encouragement of an interest in renewable energy, you can help lessen pollution in the continent.

Extending a hand in preserving the environment saves jobs, dwelling places and lives.

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