08 Mar 2017

SEO on a Budget: Big Wonders Can Happen with Small Budgets

Planning SEO with a Budget

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an overwhelming idea, especially for startups and small businesses. While it guarantees big advantages, online marketing can be intimidating, especially if you have a small budget.

It’s natural to worry about money and marketing. After all, you’ve just started. Is it possible to gain an SEO advantage despite the shoestring budget?


Disclaimer: while the business can still thrive on a budget SEO plan, don’t expect that it’s capable of competing with larger corporations. For most experts and SEO resellers, budgets still play a massive role in the competition. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t level up your game.

Here’s what you and your budget can do:

Focus on Quality Guest Blog Posts

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to improve your SEO strategy; you share knowledge with a new target audience and generate backlinks along the way.

Some experts don’t think guest blogs are still valuable. On the contrary, if you share high-quality guest posts (minus the spam and garbage content), it will attract the right audience. Start by doing your research, write high-quality content, and follow up on the readership.

Just do it right, and you need not worry about this budget SEO strategy not working.

Local Optimization

Ranking nationally takes time, effort, and much of your resources. It’s not cheap.

But who says you have to focus on widespread attention?

Your budget is better off with the local or regional market. It might be smaller, but it’s still a group with potential. The domestic market guarantees better returns on investment and quick growth opportunities compared to pouring all efforts on nationally competitive keywords.

Local SEO is the go-to solution when you focus on building a strong online presence on a budget.

Gather Local Reviews

Customer reviews are the backbone of any SEO strategy. Local reviews are not just perfect for low-budget strategies; they also easily improve your online presence.

Gather testimonials by proving your business’ credibility. Focus your efforts on simple campaigns that ask consumers to provide on-the-spot reviews. Also, make sure your campaigns entice customers to leave testimonials.

SEO’s constantly changing nature means building a strategy without the hefty price tag is possible. Use these tips and see your techniques do wonders.

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