10 Mar 2016

Secure Your Home with High Standard Gates and Fences

Reports show that around five children die and others injured after being run over in driveways. This is quite alarming, knowing their home should be the safest place for them. As a result, SafeKids Aotearoa, a child injury prevention service in Auckland, has advised the community to be more cautious at their driveways by installing gates and fences in their property.

To reduce the number of incidents, here are some of the recommended safe and high-standard gates and fences that could keep your children safe from harm:

Pedestrian Gates

Having two gates isn’t a bad idea at all since it will be easier to recognize who goes in and out of your property. In fact, some pedestrian gates have buzzers in which you can speak with your visitors before they enter your premises.

Sliding Gates

These work well on walls, as you can operate them automatically from the inside of your house or vehicle. Make sure that the remote control is kept away from the reach of children, though. Town & Around Fence & Gate Ltd and other suppliers noted that you could even have them automated if you have an extra budget.

Metal Fences

Many properties throughout Australia have installed these stylish gates and fences to match their needs. After all, they're safe and strong and are ideal barriers for pets — or even animal intruders. Metal fences are made of steel and iron, making them sturdy that any intruder won't be able to break into your property easily. All you have to do is customize them according to your needs.

Pipe and Mesh Fences and Gates

Pipe and mesh fences and gates are ideal for bigger establishments and schools. This has barbed wire rails on top to keep children escaping from schools and thieves from breaking into such establishments. Homeowners could likewise install this if they want their pets and children safe.

Overall, gates and fences are meant to secure houses, schools, businesses, and other establishments. Before setting up your dream trendy gates, safety should come first.

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