01 Jun 2018

Relocate to a New Home Painlessly With 2 Secrets

Sofa being taken out by home movers

If many people had it their way, they would rather not move houses ever again. Most people claim that shifting homes is a painful and a nerve-wracking exercise.

While uprooting your life and starting over in new place is disconcerting, the moving process need not be painful.

Luckily, moving expert Monster Moving and Storage, a moving company in Corona, CA, states you can ensure that your next move is smooth and painless.

Plan your move carefully

It may come as a surprise, but there are ideal times to move houses, and if you can help it, you’ll have a better experience when you move within these times. Spring and late fall are the best times to relocate because they are not as busy as the rest of the year.

During these times, movers are not as busy and as such, tend to lower their charges. You have a better chance of negotiating a better deal and save quite a bundle. If you can get time off of work, schedule your move during the week instead of the weekend, especially the first weekend of the month.

With many people moving during these periods, you are likely to have a hard time getting a mover, and the costs might be higher.

Carry out a purge

Sure, everything in the home you’ve had to pay for and, as such, it is hard to let go. However, hanging on to your now married son’s tricycle only serves to clutter the home. Most importantly, such items will increase the amount of cargo you will cart to your new house, which adds to your moving costs.

Carrying out a purge lowers the amount of stuff you must pack. It can save you some time and effort. You can opt to donate to a charity or a shelter, hold a yard or garage sale, or even give away stuff. You can use the proceeds from sales to subsidize you moving budget.

De-cluttering means you get a fresh start in a house with lots of space and fresh air.

While moving houses can be a taxing endeavor, you can take measures to keep it painless. You can start by timing the move to coincide with the off-peak season and purge the unnecessary stuff before your move.

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