23 Apr 2018

Reasons to Get a Police Check for Employment

Criminal background check application form with glasses and ballpoint pen

Before you can work with a volunteer organisation, specifically one which works with children you should first get a Working With Children Check.

This is a pre-employment screening of adults who are involved in organisations which work with children. You can apply and get an NT police check for WWCC online.

A Matter of Jurisdiction

There is a concern when it comes to workers, volunteers and employees who work with children. These include institutions built around children like schools, childcare centres, religious institutions, hospitals, recreational and sports clubs. The fear is that a habitual offender would be employed in an environment where they can harm.

This is a requirement which effectively cordons off offenders from their potential victims. The NT police checks go through the NT police database and search for any police record for the individual. The records are gathered from within the state, and any person can ask for his or her record.


Potential employees are required to submit an NT police check to the organisation or company they are applying with. This makes sure that only proper applicants are allowed employment within child-related organisations. The government mandates this, and everyone has to comply. This process quickly weeds out unqualified applicants.

It is easy to file for and get a copy of your police check for WWCC. As an applicant, it is also for your benefit to get a copy for your file. This will help you keep track of your police record, especially if you are not an offender or you have no police record.

When you check your records, you want to make sure that it is correct. If there are wrong or dubious entries, you should have it cleared up immediately with your local authorities. If you find any wrong entries, you would be able to correct them, and these would not cause any troubles later.

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