18 Mar 2015

Are You Qualified for a Cash Advance Loan?

YesAt some point in life, you may encounter financial challenges. Keep in mind that there are easy and legal ways to get the money you need. A cash advance loan, for instance, allows you to get a particular amount you can use until your next payday. It’s a convenient option, especially during emergencies and those times when you need extra cash for anything.

A cash advance is ideal if you need cash to cover unexpected or unplanned expenses. It’s also a good source of money for the rent, groceries, financial obligations, or any other important things. Knowing how this type of loan works is important to see if you can qualify.


While there is no collateral needed to qualify for a cash advance, you must have a stable source of income. Lending companies want to know that you are earning enough money to pay the loan on your next payday or within a month. Typically, a representative from the company will ask you to fill out a form and provide personal and employment details. After verifying the information, the lender will process your application and inform you whether you qualified or not.

Credit History

Some lending agencies, such as Utah Money Center, do not require a perfect credit score. They may check your credit history for security purposes, but they’ll give you the chance to qualify for a loan and get the cash you need.

Loan Amount

Whether you qualify or not depends on the amount you are requesting from the lender. You’re likely to gain approval if the amount you’re asking for is reasonable or fits the credit limit based on your monthly income. Talk to the financing specialist to find out how much you can borrow.

It’s good to know that there’s a quick way to get cash when need arises. Start comparing rates offered by lending companies to get the most out of your cash advance loan.

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