04 Jan 2016

Preparing Your Last Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament

The talk of death may be too morbid for some people, but giving it a thought is not bad at all. The truth is, the time will come for all of us, and it is better to be prepared than to leave your loved ones in grief and confusion.

Whether you are already retired or at the peak of your youth, planning about the inevitable is always important. Apart from a reliable funeral plan, one of the most meaningful documents behind death is the last will and testament. When you are gone, your last will and testament will take care of your possessions and the loved ones you have left behind. Writing this is tough, but will be helpful when the time has come.

Here are some pointers to consider before preparing one.

Plan Your Funeral

Most people arrange their funeral while they are still working or after signing a life insurance. Any funeral arrangements you have done in the past are important data in your last will and testament. Funeral plans dictate whether you want a burial or a cremation service, and where you want to have your remains placed. According to Centenarymemorialgardens.com.au, provider of funeral services in Brisbane, pre-arranged funeral agreements give friends and family members less thought and hassle, since they already know what you want even if you are already gone.

Consider Your Assets and Properties

Declare everything you own in your last will and testament. Your estate, bank accounts, jewellery, and other properties, like furniture and vehicles, are part of this document. Apart from having an inventory of your possessions, your last will and testament identifies who receives what when you die. With this, you can make sure that everything you own will be safe.

Name a Guardian for Your Children

Other than passing down assets and properties, last wills and testaments also take care of your children, or any minor that you look after. This is very important, especially if you are a single parent or a designated guardian. If you are married, this is also vital when your partner passes away. Without this, a court will have to make its decision, which can only cause a commotion in your family and in your child’s life. Name the people you trust as guardians, and make sure that they approve of this.

It is always good to have your wishes clear before you die. Preparing a last will and testament will protect your assets, properties, and loved ones. It allows you to designate what you want even if you are gone. This does not invite death, but only prepares you for the inevitable.

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