09 Jul 2014

Planning Your Brand New Office Space in Makati

Makati is slowly becoming one of Asia’s chief financial capitals and offers so many choices in commercial spaces for businesses. The only difficult part, though, is planning for and actually putting together your office space before starting operations. Proper planning is important for a hassle-free experience and more fun.

Finding a good office space for rent in Makati is not difficult. Here are a few tips to help get you started:

Line of Work

What industry are you in? What kind of work will be done within the space? These are questions that need clear answer before you start looking for potential space. A home office, leased office, or work hub have different purposes, so it’s best to define the kind of work that will be done within those four walls.

Work Settings

Office floor plans should always have space (or at least provisions) for executives, meetings, workstations, and accommodating guests. Using a shared work floor for all functions can affect productivity and creativity.

Perfect Location

The location should be accessible and attractive for future employees and partners to be comfortable. Business districts may cost more, but the location can be very beneficial to your business. Opening up shop in such commercial zones puts you closer to banks, malls, restaurants, transportation, and other establishments.


Make sure the office space is fully secured. Is it in a safe location accessible to staff? Are the locks set? Will security guards be there 24/7? These are important considerations, especially if business will be operational at night.


How free are you to make changes in your chosen office space? Do you have the liberty to knock down walls, repaint areas, and bring in other furniture? Putting together an office space that is unique is important for your company image. Find a space that offers you freedom and flexibility.

After securing all the details, it’s time to work on making your office a haven for staff and guests. See to it that everything is ready before you open your new office for everyone to see. This way, operations move forward with ease and certainty.

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