24 Jul 2014

Must-Have Equipment for Independent Filmmakers

Films are among the leading sources of entertainment. Regardless of the genre—whether drama, comedy, documentary, or something else—you can attract an audience to give them an idea about a certain story. Creating your own film won’t be easy, though. You’ll need the help of the following tools and equipment to make sure that you can make something worth watching:

The Basic Tools

Thanks to advances in technology, you don’t have to buy or rent bulky cameras only meant for video anymore. Nowadays, a point-and-shoot digital camera or a DSLR can already record high definition videos of up to 1080p. Buy something decent that your budget can afford, but spend more on the camera lens. This way, you don’t have to own different types of cameras.

Buy a tripod and stabilizer kit, so you can record non-moving subjects steadily. Buying a monitor is also ideal, as the camera’s preview screen is quite small to notice specific details.

Taking the Shots

Recording from the right angle is important, as it improves the dramatic effect of your film. If you’re planning to record a subject that’s moving to a single direction, you’ll need a dolly to keep the camera stable. It also helps keep its focus when moving sideways.

If you want to take higher and wider angles for aerial and establishing shots, you can shop for drone kits on sale. These work like small helicopters, which you can control using a remote and a small monitor. These are also ideal when you want to record subjects that don’t want to be disturbed, like animals.

It’s difficult to record using a handheld camera because the shots are limited to what your arms can reach. Fortunately, you can find portable jibs to help you record in a higher or lower angle without carrying a heavy weight.

Start creating a masterpiece with the right tools and equipment. Who knows, your film could be featured and become a hit to moviegoers.

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