19 Jul 2016

More Than Just Curb Appeal: Benefits of Installing Sidings

Many people fail to comprehend the value of installing sidings on a house, and they end up incurring hefty home repair bills. The article highlights some of the benefits that accrue from the installation of sidings.

Sidings are one of the most striking and noticeable aspects of a house and as such, you need to keep them in excellent shape at all times. Other than increasing the curb appeal of your house, sidings offer a myriad of benefits that offset the costs of installation tenfold.

Lower energy and heating bills

In addition to making your home’s exterior look stunning, DTIutah.com says sidings create an airtight seal around your walls. Therefore, they provide a year-round insulation for your home, without incurring additional costs. As such, they maintain a comfortable temperature around the house, lowering the amount of work your heating and cooling systems have to do. Consequently, your energy bills remain low from the reduced usage of such systems.

Increases the value of your home

Sidings are available different shapes, styles, colors and sizes to suit any house and building. With a little bit of smart and creative application, you can match your home’s aesthetic and architectural theme, significantly improving the curb appeal. In so doing, you make the house more appealing which translates to a considerable bump in value. In fact, credible studies show that you stand to recoup up to 80 percent of the installation costs when selling the house.


From wood clapboards, aluminum to cement fiber and vinyl sidings you have a wide range to choose. While the budget is a major factor when buying new siding in Salt Lake City, Weather should be your primary consideration. Exposure to the elements increases the degradation of your home’s sidings. Therefore you need to pick a variety that withstands your local climate. The exterior sidings take the beating from the weather, leaving your walls in pristine condition, thereby safeguarding the structural integrity of the house.

Installing sidings in your home translates into a sound financial decision in addition to improving the cosmetic appeal of your house.


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