27 Nov 2017

Mobile Banking: How Can You Benefit From It?

Man using his smartphone

Mobile banking only started catching on in 2007, but it proved to be an important part of everyone’s daily life. It allows people to do almost everything they can when they go to a bank or check their account balances, and view their bank statements and transactions. It makes funds transfer easier and allows customers to pay their bills online.

This is why many banks, if not all, are ramping up their mobile banking services to better serve their customers. Patriot Bank cites some other advantages to consider:

Free of Charge

Mobile banking is being offered by banks for free, so you can check your account on the go without being charged extra for it. But you may want to check with your Internet service provider, as they may charge you for the data used for browsing or downloading.


Banking has never been easier or more convenient with mobile banking. You can easily monitor your finances or do business transactions even while on the go. No more rushing over to the bank to catch them before they close for the day or having to wait until after the weekend to take care of your business.

Saves Time

Gone are the days when you needed to be physically present at the bank to do a simple task, such as transferring funds to another account. This could mean avoiding long drives or being stuck in a horrible traffic jam. It can help you save time so you can do something more productive.

Safe and Secure

Banks understand the importance of security, so you can be sure that mobile banking is secure. Reputable banks make sure your mobile bank accounts are properly encrypted for the safety of your information. They are always one-step ahead of hackers to ensure that your accounts are protected.

If you haven’t tried mobile banking yet, it’s time to consider it. You will love the convenience and the ease of managing your finances.

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