02 Aug 2015

Management Rights Options and the Benefits of Each


Fast becoming a key asset in the hotel industry, the management rights business that first boomed in Queensland is turning into a multi-million dollar market in Australia. Operations control of beach resorts and other properties are up for grabs.

No wonder everybody’s trying to get into this business. From accountants to teachers and even farmers — all of them are buying in. That’s why knowing more about management rights would surely help in your search for the best deal around.

Make a Choice

You may go for the holiday-type properties accommodating visitors for at least a three-week stay or the corporate kind providing regular business accommodation for clients. The permanent class requires a three-month rent, while the mixed type offers the best of both the holiday and permanent accommodations.

Management rights of properties catering to the students’ dormitory needs within the campus area are also available.

Know that supervising the corporate and holiday types would mean greater profits as you’d earn more from additional services. Offer internet access, supply household garments and help with sightseeing trips. You also earn commissions from the rent.

With rights to permanent type properties, you won’t be overworked as you only need to communicate with your occupants every once in a while. Though you’d only receive 3% management payment and 5% commission from the lease, it is easier to have 100% tenancy in this property than in corporate and holiday assets that may only be 75% full.

Buying Codes

Find an expert agent who specialises in management rights for sale. Sunshine Coast is home to several properties with management rights for sale. Establish connections with accountants and lawyers to know the legalities hat come with real estate appraisal.

There are management rights for sale that you might find in online and broadsheet ads detailing the property value and cost including investment returns. It’d be better to search patiently for the perfect asset to buy. Once you’ve found the right one, make sure your professional broker guides you through the process.

Finding and buying management rights for sale is a smart business move. With the right property in the right location, get your money back — and more.

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