09 Jul 2018

Makes Your Business Head shots Unique and Truly Yours

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Regardless of the industry you’re in, business head shots matter. It matters when putting a face to your brand online. It’s crucial for building rapport with potential clients. It’s necessary when establishing credibility and authority in your field.

So, it makes sense to ask, what makes a business head shot good? What separates a good business shot from one that could deliver business? Many small businesses are emerging in Salt Lake City so how do you make your business photos stand out?

The Crucial Element

The problem with business head shots today is they are impersonal. They look too stiff or too distant. They almost look like stock photos you reluctantly purchased. This has been the standard formula that many people do not like using stock photos as they seem too polished and generic.

What’s lacking in such photos – and the one crucial element that makes head shots good – is individuality. It’s one of the makings of good business photography; Salt Lake City experts say that what sets apart your business from other businesses should be seen in your business head shots. If you know your business’s character, your photos will be a lot different from that of the business team stock photos you buy.

Bringing Out Individuality

There are many ways you can get that individuality out in your business head shots, but it starts with having a sit-down discussion with your photographer. It’s important to give them a brief of your business and core values, so they would know how to present those values in your photos. Think of the photographer as a film director – he guides you how to pose, where to shoot, and which expressions would best display the mood you want to express.

For instance, for those in the construction business who value excellence and confidence in their projects, a good, professional photographer should choose areas and locations that would suit the company’s services and workspace. They would know which process to highlight, show off, and present to potential clients.

Individuality is a rare element in most corporate head shots today. Don’t join the bandwagon. Bring out your company’s uniqueness and consult professional photographers.

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