12 Jul 2018

Leaving for the City: 3 Things to Consider

Couple enjoying their bus ride

So you have finally decided to spread your wings and move to London to try your luck out there. Good for you as this could be the beginning of something great for your life. However, do you already have everything planned out?

If not yet, read on for some things you need to plan for.

1. Living arrangements

It is no secret that housing costs in the capital can be pretty high. Not to worry, though. You will still find affordable accommodations in London such as those of LHA London if you just put in the extra effort to look for them.

As you are just starting out, you probably will not be able to rent a flat all to yourself, still less buy a house of your own. The best option for you, then, is to rent a room. Just be prepared, however, to live with other people.

2. Job opportunities

Finding a job is another important thing you should be preparing for when leaving for the city. Ideally, you should have already secured one before you even make your move. Search online or get the services of employment agencies to help you land a job.

When it comes to the job location, it would be best to have the workplace accessible by public transport and as close as possible to where you will live to save on transportation costs.

3. Transportation options

Of course, you should know how you‘d be getting around the capital, especially to and from work. You can bring your car with you, but be sure your flat and workplace have parking provisions. Taking public transport is another option, so you need to familiarise yourself with the system in the city.

Better yet, simply walk or cycle – many consider London a walkable and cycling city, by the way – to get around.

Moving to London promises to be a great experience. At the same time, however, it can be quite overwhelming, so do your best to plan for it.

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