19 May 2015

Knock on the Door: Signs Your Need to Replace Your Front Entry

Front Door

Doors protect you and your family by shielding your home from harsh climates and sudden changes in the temperature. These keep out unwanted pests and guests, and protect you from fire and other weather elements. These can do the job for decades, but rarely receive proper attention.

Joinery For All Seasons said, “We believe a hardwood door has the natural appeal to look timeless and elegant at the same time.” Unfortunately, even the most advanced doors won’t last forever. Doors have a lifespan, so it is important to look for signs of wear and tear. If you notice the following problems, it might be time to replace your front entry:

Cracks and Drafts

Cracks let in insects and drafts, which can affect the structural integrity of your front entry. Air coming underneath the door could negatively affect your home’s indoor environment. This is an obvious sign that your doors are no longer energy efficient, as well. Newer doors can keep home can keep warm air during winter and cold air during summer.

Hassle to Open and Close

When you find if it difficult to open and close your door, this may be a sign that it does not fit the doorframe correctly. Keep in mind that your door should not be a difficult one to close or open, regardless of the weather. If it is no longer opening or closing seamlessly, contacting window and door experts for replacement is advisable.

Rust, Dents, and Scratches

Doors are subjected to extreme temperature changes and weather fluctuations. These may cause scratch, dents, rust, and wood warping, which can detract the kerb appeal of your home. If your wood door is warped or rotting, you need to replace it. It may need an upgrade if the knobs and hardware are rusty, as well.

Increased Security

If your door has faulty locks and knobs, do not hesitate to replace it. A new front entry is stronger and more resistant to forced entry and lock picking. Investing in a more durable and secure door is ideal.

Exterior doors last a lot longer when protected from the elements by enclosed entryway, awning or screens. If these can no longer perform their job, a replacement is the most viable option.

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