23 Feb 2018

Keep Your Dental Office Clean With These 3 Tips

a clean clinic

What if you were attaching the light cure resin to a patient’s bonded retainers when suddenly he signals you for a time-out because he has to sneeze? You didn’t know that he was allergic to dust, and there was a lot of it you didn’t see on top of your cabinets.

Situations like these can happen and can be dangerous, especially if you’re pulling a tooth or performing a root canal. As a dental provider, your patient’s safety should be your top priority, and one simple way to do that is to keep your clinic clean.

Here are tips on how to maintain a clean dental clinic that will keep your patients safe and happy.

1. Keep your reception area neat and tidy.

This would include everything that the patient sees once he steps foot through your door. Reception areas are your clinic’s first impression. You have to make a good one that’ll make the patients say, “I’ve come to the right clinic.”

2. Make sure your restrooms are always clean.

Whether it’s for the patient, his companion, your dental assistant, or you, your clinic’s bathroom also has to be clean at all times. Floors must be kept dry. Toilet paper and soap must also be available all the time.

3. It’s imperative that all surfaces are dust-free.

You’ll never know when a patient is allergic to dust, or has it as a trigger to asthma. You’ll also never know when particles of dust carrying germs or bacteria can go on your dental appliances, nulling its sterilization.

Wipe all surfaces every day after office hours. And have a day for general cleaning at least once a month.

Whether you’re a dentist or a dental assistant, everyone who works in that dental office has a responsibility to keep it clean at all times. It’s not only for your patient’s well-being but for you and your staff’s as well.

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