22 Jan 2018

Job Hunting 101: 4 Ideas to Get You That Dream Job

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Looking for a job is like learning how to drive: everybody does it. Like car options, of course, there are regular and spectacular jobs, typical and amazing work environments. Everyone competes to be in the best companies in their chosen industries.

To beat the competition, you have to treat job hunting as difficult as the job itself. Here are some tips that can help you land your dream job:

1. Find the right vacancies.

Don’t forget to check all postings in all the places so you won’t miss any job opening. A lot of these would be posted online. Recruitment agencies in NZ, such as Quinn Recruitment, also advertise their vacancies on their websites.

In addition, you can also find job openings on social networking sites. Take advantage of every opportunity.

2. Make detailed plans.

Always make a list of your goals every day. For example, your goal a day could be to create a CV and register for every online job channel out there. You have to keep track of every goal that you have. However, make sure that your goals are realistic. You wouldn’t want to push yourself too much.

3. Create a tailored CV.

These documents should reflect who you are and why you are the person for the role. This would help you build their trust in you.

Remember; don’t send one CV for all your applications. You should be able to fit your CV to the job description of the position you are applying for. Don’t hesitate to ask for help in creating your CV. There are templates and tips online that can help you accomplish this without breaking a sweat.

4. Prepare yourself.

You would get a lot of interviews. Do your research for every one of them. Check the company’s mission and vision as well as core values and relate everything to your skills and own values.

Review the job description thoroughly. Make sure that you would know every one of it so you won’t get caught off guard. With the right preparations, you would know how to respond to the interviewer’s questions.

It’s never easy to find the perfect job. Don’t forget to prepare because looking for a job is a marathon, not a sprint. Let your passion and skills do the talking. Always think about how you can contribute to the company and sell that to them.

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