29 Feb 2016

Is That an Old Smartphone Or a New Surveillance System?

Turning your Old Smartphone into a Security Camera in New Jersey

New models of smartphones are popping up faster, even before we get used to the old ones. According to research, 19% of Americans own a smartphone. The same research estimates that there are 2 billion people worldwide using smartphones and this is expected to go up to 2.16 billion this year.

With the surplus of unused mobile devices in homes, which are collecting dust in the corner, mobile phones can star in a Toy Story remake. But the outdated smartphone in your drawers still has a lot to offer. Apart from using it to check time, it’s perfect as a handy security surveillance camera.

Get Tighter Security with Old Phones

Dust off your old smartphone and breathe new life into it as a new security camera. The new function of the device keeps an eye on your property remotely. You can forget drilling a hole in your wall for tighter security. The transformation doesn’t need a major upgrade or tools to make a new surveillance system.

All you need is a working device, its charger and a wireless router at the location. Comtex-nj.com, the video surveillance experts in NJ says that remote monitoring of live and archived recordings from your smartphone is optimal while connected to a high-speed internet.

There are apps available for Android, IOS and Symbian devices, to optimize the phone in two options – a camera or a viewer. As a camera, the rear camera captures the images and links it to a viewer device. The device operates in the background streaming the video feed continuously.

By placing the device on a higher level where it has an unobstructed view, you’ll get wider perspective and more efficient monitoring. Don’t forget to connect it to a charger. The device can stream 24/7 while charging and connected to a wireless network or 2G/3G service.  Now you can enjoy tighter security with a new surveillance system based on your old phone.

Keeping an eye on your property doesn’t have to be expensive. Your abandoned devices can keep your location monitored with its innate technology. Pick up your old device and with some creativity, tap into its potential and bring it back to life.

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