11 Jun 2018

Is It Possible to be a Successful Business Broker in a Month?

Broker feeling bad due to downtrend in trading

If you want to become a business broker in only 30 days, it would require patience and the ability to learn several skills in a short timeframe, according to Transworld Business Advisors.

Most business owners hire a broker since it allows them to run their company without having to worry about the specifics. A deal may take several months up to a year before the buyer and seller reach an agreement, so this is where the advantage of having a broker comes into play.

Strategic Planning

Reputation is key when planning to start your own firm. Ask yourself if you want to work on your own or form a partnership with other professionals. An initial portfolio of 10 sellers would be a good start to make a name for your firm.

As soon as you build a network of business sellers, be clear on the payment terms. Most brokers receive between 5% and 15% of the sale price as a commission. You may also need to consult with accountants when conducting due diligence. This allows you to verify information about the company, particularly about its financial status before fielding them to potential buyers.

Buyers’ Questions

Brokers are expected to be good at sales and negotiation skills, but knowing the right answers to a client’s questions will make them stand out. An interested seller may ask about the number of businesses that you sold, especially in their respective industry.

Confidentiality is also key, so it’s important that you can convey clearly how you can keep your client’s plans under the radar. You may want to set up a physical office as well since it puts a professional and more formal tone to your own business.

A business brokerage firm can be a lucrative venture yet it requires constant training and improvement beyond 30 days. Learn to invest in consultancy services to enhance your skills and keep up with the competition.

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