12 Sep 2018

Hospice Care Provides Emotional Support for the Patient and Loved Ones

Sick boy lying on the bed

A terminal disease is hard for the patient as well as the loved ones. In Indiana, hospice centers can help ease the situation. Patient care shifts from treating the disease to making the patient comfortable. Quality of life becomes the focus. The patient shares the emotional baggage with family members and friends. It is a heavy burden, and not a light matter. Everyone feels the pain and hardship.

Hospice is a Concept

Hospice is not a place. It is a concept that revolves around making the patient comfortable with the little time remaining. It provides quality of life for the patient and bereavement support for the survivors. This is not an easy task for the patient’s loved ones, especially if they are the caregivers. The task can be painful for them. Hospice care gives them the time to appreciate the patient’s life and struggles. It also allows them to have peace. They can say goodbye in the limited time available. The inevitable demise can happen sooner than expected. Bereavement support is a necessity for the survivors to let go and move on.

Hospice Support for the Family

A debilitating illness is not something family members would want to remember. The patient’s health is still a concern for doctors and medical staff. However, it is the family who needs hospice support more. The patient can stay at home with hospice staff visiting on a regular basis. When the family needs a break from the stress of caregiving, the patient can spend time in a hospice facility.

Caregiving is an emotional task for the family and friends. It can be tiring as well. Hospice care takes this into account and provides bereavement support for the family and friends. Hospice is not a place but a concept of care for patients and their loved ones.

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