07 Jul 2016

Home Renovation Tips on Choosing the Best Kitchen Countertop

If your budget for a new kitchen work surface is already set, then it is time to make a decision. We shall not make things complicated as you already have so many things on your mind. A home renovation project can take up so much time and attention.

Let us get down to business and present the best two options you have to choose from — granite and quartz countertops. You can still read online reviews about these top contenders, but pros at Linco Countertops have already summed up their qualities for you below.

Granite: natural beauty and durability

The look of granite — an intrusive igneous rock, is truly incomparable. If you are partial to the unique charm of mined stone, then you opt for either granite or marble. While both types of stone are resistant to heat, our bet is on granite because it harder than marble and offer better resistance to scratching and chipping. Marble is also more expensive than granite. Since granite countertops are essentially slabs of natural stone, they are porous, owing to the presence of tiny channels wherein spilled beverages can permeate. If not properly sealed, the granite may become stained. Pay attention to this property of granite stone when you are weighing its pros and cons.

 Quartz: manufactured non-porous composite

Meanwhile, the other option — quartz is a composite made up of natural mined quartz along with a mixture of polymers and resins. Pigments are added to create slabs of quartz of all colors of the rainbow. Perhaps the reason why quartz is becoming the popular alternative to natural stone is its non-porosity. Even without sealing, the surface will not imbibe spilled fluids. The surface is also resistant to cracking since the engineered stone do not possess the innate tendency of natural stone to break along certain lines.

Granite or quartz? That is a question you must answer before heading out to supply stores. You really cannot go wrong with either of the two.

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