03 Feb 2017

Here’s How You Boost In-Store Conversion Rates

Online Marketing In today’s digital age, a common strategy employed by marketers is to pique the interest of customers using various online platforms such as blogs and social media. This is the first step to attracting more likely customers into their physical stores. However, you still need to implement in-store advertising to nudge your conversion rate higher.

An expert on store marketing solutions cites the following factors in improving your advertising campaign.

Creative Positioning

You already attracted a potential customer into your store with online advertising, you must now take that creativity into your in-store marketing campaigns. Position products in a way that will grab the attention of a visitor, whether you use a certain backdrop or an interesting display, it’s up to you. If you get someone to take a second look, you improve the chances of him or her buying.

Get the Customers Involved

Experience is one way to improve the conversion rate of your in-store marketing efforts. Some toy stores have their own displays where they let the children play and supermarkets provide free samples of certain food. Many tech stores let visitors try the gadgets they sell; these are ways to pique the interest and entice a potential customer to finally buy.

The Five Senses

You already have designs for the look of your adverts and displays, but adding a different dynamic makes it better. Adding sound, a certain smell or a particular image elicits certain emotions from potential customers that may ultimately sway their decision. These may remind them of good experiences. These associations will improve your in-store conversion rate.

Store Layout

The layout of the items in your store is important to convince a customer to buy. Group products in the same category together, such as batteries and toys, and fashion accessories and women’s clothing; this entices customers to buy.

These are just a few of the strategies you can implement to improve your in-store conversion rates. The first step is to attract people to visit your store; the next one is to push them further down the buying funnel.

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