01 Jun 2017

Google My Business: How to Optimize Your Listings for Local SEO Success

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All business owners who have websites are constantly in search of effective tactics to get their business noticed in SERPs. While there are different ways to rank well, there’s really no magic formula because as with most issues regarding SEO, it’s really a combined, intensive effort.

Google My Business is among the most important areas of local SEO. Third Stage Marketing and other digital marketing agencies believe that this strategy can boost a business’s rankings and online visibility.

Tips on Optimizing Google My Business

Google My Business is a free dashboard that helps businesses manage their business listings more efficiently. It allows your business listing to appear in local SERPs for search queries that are specific to what services and products you are offering. Even those broad search queries with substantial volumes could show in local search results, something that business owners could capitalize on.

Below are some basic guidelines to help you set up and optimize your Google My Business listing:

  • Claim your business listing using your business name and then choose the most accurate category available.
  • Provide detailed information and make sure that the details you added are identical to what you posted on your website. Note that inaccurate information could lower your rankings and kill your business listings.
  • Make sure your contact details and opening and closing times are accurate. Don’t forget about holidays.
  • Post clear and accurate pictures, and see if they need improvement.
  • Make citations on relevant websites and choose well-regarded review and business listing websites, as well as directories. Go only with local, quality backlinks that would solidify your business profile.
  • Produce relevant content for your business location and all the keywords you chose.
  • Encourage your customers to leave reviews of your business on your website and Google My Business.

Make sure you provide accurate and consistent information about your business, choose the most relevant business categories, post photos with relevant keywords, and stay on top of customer reviews. Keep your listings updated and active because things change, and so as your business. While it could be worrisome to see your listings not performing as expected, constant assessment and optimization are important.

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