30 Oct 2017

Freebies for Late Packages Explained

A mail man delivering a package

Have you ever experienced having your delivery side-tracked? Good for you if you’ve never experienced waiting for days on end for your order. Packages, in one way or another, can get mixed up at the customs port.

With port packaging as it is, the customs brokerage in countries — in Manila especially — already have their hands full. As Cargoship Incorporated puts it, the delivery company that handled your package is the one responsible for compensation in case of delays.

Those Menacing Delays

You might be wondering what causes these delays. Common reasons include the following:

  • A bad address (wrong, incomplete, or not updated)
  • Incomplete forms
  • Delays at the customs brokerage due to incomplete documents, wrong address, etc.
  • Unclear writing, bad weather, or suspicious items

Sweet, Sweet Guarantees

So you’ve seen the problems hounding delivery companies. Let’s take a look at what you can receive to compensate for a delayed delivery.

Free Membership

A company can have a number of consolations in place for customers in case of botched deliveries. They can receive an extra month of prime membership or get free credits they can use for purchases.

Money-Back Guarantee

Some companies grant customers a full refund. That is dependent, however, on an appropriate address.

Partial Refund

Others offer a partial refund for the inconvenience. Most products get a 15-day money-back guarantee, while cellphones as well as devices that need activation get 14 days. Certain items, such as wedding registry items, however, receive 60-day money-back guarantees.

Very Limited Money-Back Guarantee

Other companies issue refunds and guarantees to their clients depending on the product. Some offer refunds, while others free shipping.

The next time you buy a product online, remember that customs processing can sometimes account for the delay, among other things. It is also worth remembering that the devil is in the details. Always give your complete address!

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