16 Mar 2018

Easy Ways to Get Your Car in Shape for a Trade-In

When you’re looking to upgrade to a new car but can’t afford a second one, you could trade-in your current vehicle to lessen your expenses. Here are three ways to make sure that the auto dealer is impressed by what he sees.

Give the car a shine

Remove rust and other blemishes to make your car look well-maintained. If a vehicle appears as if it has not been kept well, the dealer will underrate its value. Find the right sandblaster to remove rusty and dingy areas. Give it a new a paint job and wax the surface to give it a sheen.

Inspect your car

Clean and wash your car, but you also need to inspect the engine and the interiors to see if there is anything that the dealer should know. You should vacuum the interior and wash the body and the wheels. Check the car’s interior and exterior lights and its fluid levels. Take the car for a test drive, and check the alignment, the sound of the engine and the brakes. If there are any major repairs, you should leave it to the dealer.

Get crucial documents ready

The dealer will ask for several documents before they can accept your car. These include the car title, registration records, and service records. If your service records show that you have adhered to the car’s maintenance schedule, then expect a higher value for your car. Usually, the dealers will also pull the vehicle history report.
When you want top dollar when trading in your car, you need to make sure that your vehicle’s condition is top notch. With the right approach, you can make your car look new again.
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