15 Sep 2016

Don’t Degrade Online Trust: Be Open and Upfront

Before trusting a website (using a service or buying a product) most users evaluate the credibility or trustworthiness of a page. As customers want to make the right decision, they take more effort to get to know the business, starting from its products or services to the price, additional charges and return policies.

Display Prominent Details

As users value upfront disclosure, it is important for websites to display all prominent details that can improve customer experience. These include contact information, the base price and additional fees that accompany a product or a service. It is also important to display shipping fees, as well as a link to guarantees and return policies before asking their email address or billing information.

Open with Customers

Upfront sites, for the most part, are considered trustworthy because they have all the basic information a customer needs. When sites hide or don’t include such details, users won’t hesitate to leave and visit another business. Website and SEO experts in Brisbane like bambrickmedia.com.au note that if you want customers to use your service, you have to reach out, instead of giving your clients the burden to reach out to you.

Beyond Basic Details

Being open and upfront can extend beyond providing basic information depending on the type of industry. When offering a food delivery service, for instance, potential customers want to know how quickly you can deliver the food. Instead of saying we deliver fast, it is better to say we deliver in 20 minutes. You need to be specific and provide estimated delivery or pickup time. Provide a link to FAQ page so visitors can find answers to other inquiries.

Don’t Degrade Trust

One way to breach trust is to ask too much before giving value. Gated content and login walls are perfect examples of how a website is not being upfront with users. If you don’t want to turn users way, it is important that let them explore the site first before asking for their email address or personal information. Asking users to sign-up or create an account before viewing any content leaves a negative impression.

Establish trust by being open and upfront on your website. Think from a customer’s mind and include the information you think they need. Through this, they will appreciate your business more and feel confident in trusting your company.

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