30 Aug 2018

Differentiating Sound Absorbing and Sound Blocking Materials

Man at night can't fall asleep because of the noisy neighbor

Acoustic materials can help control noise. They come in different categories. These categories are sound absorbing, sound insulation, sound dampening and decoupling. If you are looking to regulate the noise in an area, you can go with a sound absorbing or a sound blocking material. Here are the differences between the two.

Sound Absorbing Products

Generally, sound absorbing products are soft to the touch. Their main purpose is to soften surfaces, minimise the echo or reverberation and reduce the sound bouncing inside a room. Some of the materials that absorb sound are soft furnishings and cushions.

Another product that absorbs sound waves is high-quality decorative acoustic panels. The great thing about these panels is that they can effectively reduce noise levels and still create a fun and colourful space. As soon as they are in place, the panels do their work by absorbing sound. Any sound that emerges from the panel is weak. Overall, they reduce the noise levels inside a room by lowering reverberation.

Sound Blocking Materials

Sound blocking materials prevent sound from leaving or entering a space. These products are cumbersome, dense and heavy. You will come across sound blocking products inside a wall construction.

Which Should You Choose?

While both materials are great for regulating noise, their purpose differs from each other. If you need help in choosing between the two, try asking yourself these questions:

  • Are you looking to absorb echo or block sound?
  • What are the surfaces and the dimensions of the room?
  • What kinds of sounds are you looking to absorb or block?

When you want to regulate the noise in a room or area, you can opt for either a sound absorbing product or a sound blocking material. Take note, though, that sound absorption and sound blocking applications are not mutually exclusive. You can go both if the project and the need require it.

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